Don't You Want Your Deck to Last a Lifetime?

Don't You Want Your Deck to Last a Lifetime?

Richard J. Woloszyn Painting can make that happen

We all know the exterior of your home can either increase or decrease your curb appeal. But, added home value doesn't just pertain to your siding or roof. A beautifully stained and maintained deck can make a sale while a dilapidated deck can heads turn-in disgust.

If you've added a gorgeous deck to your home in the Endicott area and want to ensure it looks great and stands up to the elements, call Richard J. Woloszyn Painting today!

Staining your deck not only enhances the look, it also increases the life of the wood by protecting the material from warping and rotting. Richard J. Woloszyn Painting will come to your home in the Binghamton and Endicott, NY, area, inspect your deck, help you with stain choices and colors and walk you through the entire process. Whether you choose oil or water-based stain, we'll inform you of every pro and con with each tint so you can make the best choice for your home.

Richard J. Woloszyn Painting has the experience you need and the quality you can trust. Deck staining might seem like an easy DIY project, but there is more involved than slapping stain on some wood. Regardless of the age of your deck, it will need to first be pressure washed to remove any dirt, mildew or mold that may have accumulated. After pressure washing, our experts will inspect your deck for any areas that need to be sanded because of rough edges or imperfections.

We take the time to ensure the proper groundwork is establish because we believe quality work starts with quality preparation. Call Richard J. Woloszyn Painting at 607-786-1967 for a beautiful deck that will stand up to the elements and look great for years.

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